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Attic Insulation, Crawlspace Insulation

Insulation Installed


Insulation takes about a day to install in your Fairfax Virginia home. We determine how much insulation you already have in your attic and calculate how much additional insulation we will need to install to get to the desired depth. If needed, we will lay out some temporary flooring across the joists to provide safe and easy access to all the areas of your attic during the insulation installation.

When working on installing insulation to the edges, we make sure to fill enough to cover the tops of the exterior walls without interfering with the flow of air from the eave vents. Fairfax Attic Insulation removal and replacement is something that should only be done by a professional. There are dangers associated with removing contaminated insulation from a cramped Fairfax Virginia attic or crawl space. From disease to the itchy insulation, there are hazards associated in walking in a unplanked attic including wildlife that may still be there.

Contaminated Insulation Removal

Insulation Removed

Contaminated Insulation

Our professional Fairfax insulation removal experts have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing soiled, damaged and contaminated insulation from attics and crawl spaces. Commercial insulation removal Vacuums are able to remove all of the insulation and other contamination in an attic without any of it traveling through the living space of the Fairfax Virginia home. This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the attic makes its way down into your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an attic.Whether you are in need of installing additional insulation to your Fairfax Virginia attic or crawlspace, or you need a professional to remove contaminated insulation, contact Summit Environmental Solutions today!