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Call summites for the top Wildlife Removal company in VA. Our team of wildlife removal experts will remove any unwanted guests. Call us at 703-382-2984 for same day emergency appointments.

bat removal
September 23, 2016

Did you have bats in your attic last winter? Did you try to remove than or seal their exit holes by yourself? If you did than you may have a problem when they come back this winter. Call the experts at summites.com 703-382-2984 they are the leader in bat removal and bat exclusion in VA. […]

Wildlife Removal
September 9, 2016

summites.net is the leader in wildlife removal in VA. Our team of wildlife removal experts will help resolve any wildlife issue in a quick and professional manner. Call us today at 703-382-2984 for a free quote.

Bat Removal
September 1, 2016

Did you have bats in your attic last winter? Did you try and deal with a bat issue yourself? If you answered yes than chances are you will have a bat problem this year. That is unless you hire a bat exclusion expert to seal your home from bats. Call the experts at www.summites.net at […]


The Zika Virus is spread thru Mosquitos. Make sure you protect your family and treat your back yard for Mosquitos. animalcontrolva.com is the areas leader in Mosquito treatment for your home. Call us today summites.net and will use a safe spray that will kill Mosquitos and make your fall more enjoyable for your guests. Call […]

Bee Removal
August 19, 2016

Bee Hive Removal is very hard and dangerous . Bee ‘s can set up hives on and near homes, trees or in back yards. Don’t try and kill them by yourself. Call the experts at summites we will remove any size bee hive and make sure your bee problem is eliminated . Call us at […]

Snake Removal
August 5, 2016

Snakes can be very dangerous to humans. Don’t try and catch a snake in your home yourself. They could be a poisonous snake and will attack if they feel cornered. Call www.summites.net at 703-382-2984

Bee Removal
July 28, 2016

This Summer bee’s build hives near and on houses. It is very important that home owners do not try and remove a bee hive themselves. Bee Hives can contain thousands of bees that will attack human if their hive is disturbed. Don’t get stung! Call summites.com for a fast free quote to remove a dangerous […]

Bats in the House?
July 20, 2016

If you ever see bats flying outside your house, you may wonder, “Are they simply hunting bugs near my house or are they actually hunting here because they live in my house?” This is an important question to ask and one that isn’t always easy to answer. Here are a few tips to help you […]

Pigeon Removal
July 15, 2016

Pigeons (Columba livia) have had a long history of living around humans. Our ancestors quickly learned that pigeons provided a good source of protein through their eggs and flesh. Pigeons were even bred to carry secret messages during wartime. While pigeons have a venerable history, chances are those historical facts are not what comes to […]

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