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Squirrel Control

Squirrels seem to be the most harmless creatures around and can be a pleasant sight, but, only for a short time. As you will soon realize these very cute creatures are chewing on your wires and are successful in destroying insulations in walls and attics and you know you have had enough. You will, initially, not want to drive them away, but will soon realize that with the litter of baby squirrels all around you; it is obviously getting difficult to go about your routine. We, at Summit Environmental Solutions, are here to help you deal with this problem.


With our highly experienced and friendly staff, you need to look no further. We first evaluate the problem and only after discussing with you, go about removing the squirrels from your attic, basement, or, wherever. Besides removing these unwanted guests, we make sure that the entire repair needed is looked into. As, however, harmless they may look, they certainly get some pleasure in causing destruction to your property. Having a thorough knowledge of squirrels, our team is able to handle them with ease. We can assure you of the right solutions to your problems which are somehow connected to wildlife and nature. Contact us and you can sit back and relax. We call back immediately once we receive your message, that is, if you call us before 5 p.m. on weekdays.

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Animal Control

Has an animal entered your home and is it making a nuisance of itself? Did you just happen to visit your basement and see a snake or any other reptile crawling around? No doubt, you must have freaked out. Unfortunately, such instances are common in homes across Virginia. Fortunately, there is Summit Environmental Solutions to solve such issues for you.

Summit Environmental Solutions offers the most reliable animal removal service across Virginia. This company employs high quality staff with abundant knowledge about animals, including the wilder animals. More importantly, Summit Environmental Solutions animal removal service is just a phone call away. We ensure that our experts turn up at the venue within no time. After all, you would not like to be trapped inside your home with a wild animal!

Experts from Summit Environmental Solutions will make sure that the unwanted animal, pest, or rodent is removed successfully. Moreover, they will also check each and every inch of your home to see if the guest had any company. This includes repairing animal damage, sealing up holes and blocking entry points with animal proof materials like industrial screens and sealants and heavy gauge sheet metal, which provide long-term, environmentally-friendly preventative measures and peace of mind.

Summit Environmental Solutions employees and friendly and courteous and offer the best wildlife removal services. We are wildlife experts. We ensure that no animal is harmed in the process.